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Korudağ Olive Farm is an agricultural premise carrying out olive cultivation and olive oil production in İzmir, at Zeytindağ region of Çandarlı Bay. Our farm is established on a 500.000 m2 land. There are 20.000 Edremit, Gemlik and Arbequina olive trees and the harvested olives are being processed to produce olive oil at our fully automated cold press facility or in our water press olive milk production facility, within 4 to 6 hours after being picked and under hygiene conditions. The exquisite taste is then made available on the market.

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Harvena is a type of olive oil produced from Trilye olives, within 4 hours after being picked, through cold press method.

Early Harvest Cold Press Infiltration Olive Oil HARVENA x1 unit OLIVE OILS
500 ml
30 tl (%8 VAT Include)
( Free Delivery)
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