About Us

Korudağ Olive Farm is an agricultural premise carrying out olive cultivation and olive oil production in İzmir, at Zeytindağ region of Çandarlı Bay.

The olive seedlings, cultivated by vegetative methods, specifically for our farm, are being planted here, in accordance with the geographic conditions of our region and the results of the long-term researches. In our farm, which is designed in accordance with requirements of modern agriculture, equipped with a 100 km long, drip irrigation line, in line with the evaporation calculations, all irrigation and fertilization processes are carried out with fully automated systems.

Our new planting sites and advanced, prolific olive trees are being monitored daily by our agriculture engineers. Thus potential diseases are detected and treated by professionals long before they occur. The trees are being irrigated and fertilized in a schedule determined based on the humidity and salinity rates of the soil, recorded by pH meters and tensiometers placed in various spots of our farm. Besides such daily analysis, soil and water analysis are being conducted regularly by accredited organizations. As for cultivation, all sorts of high technology agricultural machines are being used in our farm.

We produce cold press olive oil by innovative methods, under hygienic conditions, on a 10.000 m2 land located on the dominant hill of our farm, by using two phase, environment friendly, fully automated SPI 111 S model machine of market leader Italian Pieralisi. The oil we produce in our facility is being transferred to the steel tanks in the climate room before it gets fermentated and nitrogen gas is added to prevent contact with air. After being stabilized at convenient ambient conditions, they are bottled at our facility to be presented to the market.