Privacy Statement


Herewith agrees and guarantees that the information the users provided to shop at the e-commerce web-site.

Herewith undertakes and guarantees not to disclose your aforementioned details to third parties without your consent, under no circumstances. shall not store any details regarding your credit card, at internet environment, thus your payment details you use for shopping on our site shall remain in your possession. may from time to time notify the customers about new products, promotions and various discounts. As a member of the site, you may always keep the notification option active or inactive.

All required measures have been taken at this web-site to ensure security of the details of the users. While the user provides credit card details through the web-site, such details are encoded by SSL technology. While you are on secure payment page, the browser is locked and the illustration of a lock on the browser shall indicate that the site you are browsing is secure. For your security, your credit card details are not stored by no means thus such details are not asked within the content of membership details. No one, not even employees of can see your credit card details while you are shopping.


PERLİSAN MADENCİLİK VE İNŞAAT LTD. ŞTİ (PERLİSAN), respects personal privacy rights of the esteemed visitors visiting our web-site and tries to protect your personal privacy rights during the time you spend for browsing our web-site. This Privacy Policy is established to let you understand which data we collect and our purpose of collecting such details and how we handle them and it provides general details about our information applications. The Privacy Policy is applicable for all web-sites and our services that refer to this policy.

By using this web-site, you are deemed to approve the Privacy Policy of PERLİSAN. PERLİSAN reserves the right to make amendments, additions and extractions on this policy, at any time. Continuing the use of the web-site after it is changed, shall be deemed as your consent for such changes.

Provisions of Privacy Statement” and “Privacy policy” and the amendments made on them from time to time, are binding for the parties. Unless otherwise is stated in writing, no claims or rights can be alleged against PERLİSAN.

The Privacy Policy shall be applicable regardless of your method of reaching (pc, mobile phone, tablet computer, TV or by other means) it. We suggest you to read this Privacy Policy carefully since you shall be approving them every time you use our services. We recommend not to use our services unless you approve the matters explained by this Privacy Policy.

PERLİSAN, the persons and staff who prepared all the content of this web-site, persons and entities authorized by this web-site have no legal and criminal liability regarding any claims for pecuniary loss and intangible damages arise from negligence of reading this policy or reading but negligence in compliance.

Collected Data

Data that you provide directly

Collected data, details you provide directly, some of our services to set up an account or profile: We may require you to provide necessary account details such as your e-mail address, delivery address, phone number, product details and date of purchase. Some of our services allow you to transmit details and share them with other people. Such communications and shared information shall be handled safely and securely.

For example:

  • Some of our services that allow you to set up an account or profile: We may ask you to provide your contact details and personal data to set up an account and profile. For example when you set up an account, contact us or participate in an online survey, you may give details such as your e-mail address and some information about yourself.
  • When you order a product from us, to be able to put it into process, we may ask for your name, contact details, delivery and invoicing address(es) and credit card details (your credit card details are not transmitted directly on PERLİSAN’s web pages and portals but through web pages of banks. PERLİSAN cannot have any access to your credit card details and cannot store them. 3D Secure Cyber Pos System is being used).
  • When you share the content of the web-site with third parties by using PERLİSAN products, sent gift cards or products or invite others to join you at PERLİSAN services and forums, PERLİSAN may collect details such as name, e-mail address, mailing address and phone numbers of such persons. PERLİSAN uses such details to provide related products and services you demanded or to prevent fraud.

Information Sharing

We do not share your information with third parties for commercial and marketing purposes without your consent. However, we may share such information with our below stated channels.

  • KTo meet the requirements of provisions of law which are in force and stipulated by laws, statutory decrees, regulations, etc;
  • To meet the requirements of and to implement the “User’s Agreement” and other agreements executed between PERLİSAN and users;
  • If the details are demanded by an authorized administrative or judicial authority; if the details are required to carry out a duly conducted research or investigation;
  • When it is compulsory to provide information to protect rights and security of the users,
  • Your details shall be shared with PERLİSAN AŞ affiliates,
  • Your details shall be shared with tax consultants, auditors and other external professional consultants
  • Your details shall be shared with potential buyers or investors who wants purchase the company or a part of the company
  • Your details shall be shared to protect rights, possessions or security of PERLİSAN or all of our affiliates, our associates or our customers.
  • Other Parties upon Your Approval and At Your Own Discretion. Besides the parties mentioned in this Privacy Policy, your details can be shared with third parties upon your approval or in accordance with your demand.

Information Security

We put into practice reasonable physical and technical measures to protect the information we collect in regards to the services. However, we need to remind you that no matter how much reasonable measures we take, no web-sites, internet transmission, computer system or wireless connection is hundred percent secure.
Contractual partners of PERLİSAN whom has access to your details to provide you the required service, are obliged to keep these details confidential in accordance with their contractual liability and not to use the same without your consent. In certain cases, your details may be needed to be shared with affiliates of PERLİSAN. In such cases, your details shall be handled in confidentiality.

Storing Information

We take all reasonable measures to store your information when storing is required for the purpose of collecting such data or when it becomes compulsory by any agreement or by laws in force. Unless it is required by law to keep your information for longer periods, we keep them only as long as it is required to meet the purposes briefed under Privacy Policy.

Our Services and Third Parties

Our services may give links to web-sites and services of third parties which are not controlled by us. Collecting information and privacy protecting policies of other web-sites are different than PERLİSAN thus it is important for you to check the privacy practices of all the web-sites you visit.

PERLİSAN is not liable of any pecuniary loss and intangible damages that may arise due to hacking, cyber attacks, malware or deactivating protection systems through reverse engineering.

Third Parties that Provide Content, Advertisement or Functionality In Regards To Our Services

Some third parties may place and ad or keep the record of the ads seen by the users, the frequency of being seen and how the users react to the ads.
We allow you to share some materials related with our web-site services with others on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google + and LinkedIn.
Such third parties may collect and get a hold of some information related with the services you use, through cookies, web-pointers and alike technologies and such information may, in time, be united with the information collected from different web sites and online services.

Cookies and Detection Technologies

Third parties that provide content, advertisement or alike functionality related with us and services We may use cookies, web-pointers and alike technologies in some parts of our services


Cookies are small files that stores information in your computer, on your mobile and alike devices. They allow the company which installed the cookies in your device, to recognize you through different web-sites, services and / or call sessions. The cookies may be used with many purposes.

For example:

  • Cookies recall your sign-in information, therefore you do not need to re-enter your details every time you log-in a certain service.
  • The cookies help us to see the pages users visit and the ones the users specifically access to and the time they spent on these pages, therefore, allow us to understand which of our services are more popular. We can adapt the services more effectively and give you more improved services by examining such details.
  • The cookies help us to understand which ads of the third parties you see every time you log-in to the services, thus, we can ensure that you do not end up seeing the same ad all the time.
  • The cookies collects details about our and third party services and how you use the other web-sites and applications and help us to offer you the right contents and right advertisements.
  • When you use a web-browser to access the services, you can set up your browser to accept all cookies, to deny all cookies or to inform you when a cookie is sent.
  • Yet, you need to keep in mind that some services are designed to run when cookies are used and deactivating the cookies may impair your ability to use such services or certain parts of them.

Other Information Storage Members

Together with third parties, we may use other types of local storage technologies such as local shared objects (also known as flash cookies) and HTML5 local storage. Such technologies are similar to the aforementioned cookies in regards to be stored in your device and used to store some details related with your activities and preferences. On the other hand such technologies may use different parts of your device compared to standard cookies, therefore may not be controlled by standard browsing tools and settings.

Detecting Members

Together with third parties, we may use technologies that transmits the information in your device to the communication server, which are known as web-pointers (or “pixel labels”). Web-pointers can be embed within online contents, videos and e-mails and may read certain types of information in your device, know when you display a certain content or a specific e-mail and the time and date you display the web-pointer and determine the IP address of your device. We and third parties use web-pointers with various purposes including analyzing usage of our services and (in connection with the cookies) to provide you contents and ads that are more interesting for you.

By accessing our services and using them, you grant us your consent for keeping cookies, other local storing technologies, web-pointers and other information in your device and allow us and those third parties to have an access to those cookies, other local storing technologies, web-pointers and other information. Therefore we suggest you to read the privacy policy thoroughly. Since you shall be approving actions and operations mentioned in here, PERLİSAN shall not have any liability.